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How Did I Get Here?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

This is not where I am supposed to be. How did I get here? I was on my way in that direction. My plan was to pick up these few items and then head back home HOURS ago. But here I am nowhere near finishing what is on my list to complete and night has fallen. Another holiday season FAST approaching and unless we renew our mind and become intentional about planning properly our priorities we will end up frustrated and overwhelmed instead of calm and relaxed in the season that should be joyous.

So what causes us to get off track? Let’s see, you left the house with a list in your hand. There were no accidents and the traffic wasn’t bad, so what is it? If it’s not external factors then we must understand that it’s …how do I say it nicely, IT’S YOU!!!

John Maxwell states, “Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we respond to it.” Purpose Planners respond in an organized focused manner.

You’re off track because you were drawn away. Drawn away from enticing things, such as lights, music and action. Especially this time of year it becomes quite easy to lose focus on what you need (and want) to do. But if we treat these next few months like any other, with a few minor adjustments we can find ourselves still being productive and progressive in what I like to call “our assignments”.

As you prepare for holiday parties, gift shopping and celebrations with family and friends here are 3 key strategies to help you not feel as if you have completely disconnected from YOUR picture purpose.

1. Stay disciplined

Why would you work tirelessly all year to accomplish something to throw it away over the holidays? This season only last a few weeks and then its back to “life as you know it”. So why not keep “THAT LIFE” in the season? If you watched your carb intake and sweets then do the same thing. Allow (as my master trainer says) a few hours to eat what you want and then get back on track. You don’t have to eat EVERYTHING you see or someone bought you. Maybe you can’t go to the gym EVERYDAY over the holiday, but plan and find at the beginning of the week how you can get at least 2 workout days in. Monitor and adjust but remember to stay in your frame.

2. Include everything

Having a ton of things to do (like hosting a party) and a million places to be can be taxing on anyone, but you can’t just put down in your planner “attend Christmas Party at 6pm”, you must remember to include EVERYTHING that goes with that. For example: what your wearing, getting your nails done, picking up a gift for the host, etc. Many times we are late to events due to not including the smaller details surrounding it and then when we arrive we are not only late, but frustrated when the fault is not “them but you”.

3. Home your list

With so much to do during this time of year we have to have “small victories” that lead to “big wins”. For instance, if you are hosting 3 parties, then your “TO DO” list should be separate for each one BUT in 1 (notebook, folder, etc.). If you have 30 papers or 5 different screens of notes on your phone it will definitely add to you being overwhelmed while getting things accomplished. Papers, receipts, coupons and bags will cause the most organized of people to dread this time of year. Take 15/20 minutes one day to just sit quietly and deal with planning items. Remember include everything and don’t forget to check things off or use a system to show what’s completed, still in progress or deleted and no longer a factor.

Maybe we can’t avoid having many things to do, that’s a part of life. But we can be in control of HOW WE DO IT.

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