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I WANT TO, but I can't!!!

"But what did I SAY? It doesn't matter what THEIR mother said THEY could do, what did I tell you that YOU were doing?" Not sure if this conversation happens anymore in households, but my goodness this was a consistent conversation in my household. (by consistent I mean at the most, maybe twice)--since my mother was not going to repeat herself too many times to me about the same thing. (we'll talk about and dissect that a little deeper later.) But once she said no, THAT WAS IT--- and the train kept rolling along.

As a child I just couldn't understand why I could not do the same things that I saw other kids do or go to the same events that others frequented. Of course as I got older, I began to see why I couldn't and also why it was important that I not compare myself to others when that happened. As an adult I see and hear (within myself) those same words from my mother, "What did I tell you that you were to do?"

"What did I tell you that you were to do?"

Starting a business, working in ministry---to be honest, just living life, it's important that we embrace and not struggle over what others are doing in comparison to what we are to be doing. As you you know, I like to use the word "assignment" when it comes to our purpose. [So moving forward they will be interchangeable]. Every assignment on and in your life has requirements. Requirements that are important in the developing and outcome of where it is you desire to be. Naturally there are some basic things that we are to do and not do, but above that it's important that we stick to (LOL--I can't believe this just came to me, wow) the required courses that are under our assigned field. Let's walk it out like this, if a student is desiring to be a doctor, there are courses even in undergrad that they must take to fulfill their requirements. For someone attending school to be a lawyer or Accountant, their may be some general course work you would have together, but beyond that each student eventually would break off into classes that would engage them in what they needed to know for their particular major.

"Every assignment on and in your life has requirements"

(as my spiritual father would say), "As it is in the spirit, so it is in the natural". PEOPLE, please know you can't participate in "certain" activities now because if you are desiring to be, for instance a government officer down the road and your (lets say - incidents) show up on your record---you will not be accepted. Although it may pain you to say this at this level, you may have to tell your friends from time to time, "I WANT TO, but I can't".

I see you saying "why LA?"Well, here are 3 reasons (entrepreneurs, students, people of great purpose) can't:

1) Your Purpose Picture is Different

The passion that drives you is what you were created to do and be. If you begin to add and tamper with the structure of what you want, your picture will become distorted. You can't allow other pieces to be placed in your picture. If 2 kids are sitting and working on puzzles, many times you'll see the one child take a puzzle piece of theirs and try and connect it to the other child's puzzle pieces. Although in their heart they seek to be helpful, its not, because it doesn't work and won't work.

"Don't allow other peoples pieces to be placed in your picture"

The picture on your heart and on your goal sheet reflects an image and when you put the correct relationships and experiences together you'll see it unfold.

2) Your Purpose Picture will Impact Others

You didn't think that all that you are gifted to do was just for you did you? Did you think it was just so you could walk around and tell people what your good at? Trust me, it's not. The very thing that 'sets you apart' is the thing that will allow you to impact and empower others in your journey. [In the natural], there are some paintings that you can find in any common store, purchase it and take it home to hang in your dining room. But then there are others that are only sitting in a museum for us to walk around and view. You must understand how very special you are and that what you possess is priceless. Your value is how you connect with others.

"You will empower others by what sets you apart"

3) You will Alter Your Course Direction

"Yes, you are correct ma'am, you were headed in the right direction but somewhere you got off course and are now miles away from where you want to be". How many times have you heard this statement said to you or someone when they are lost and must turn around and begin again? Oh the joys of beginning again - (being fasesious of course). Changing your pieces. When I speak of pieces I'm talking about those things that make up you--your life--your experiences, etc. Your attitude, commitment, soft speaking tone are all apart of what makes you-you. If you begin to change 'that' to fit someone else's mold then you begin to change 'your' picture. You love connecting with people and responding to the comments they leave and making your community feel like they are in an individual session with you. Well, that's you. That's what makes up your unique self. Just because others find it tedious and not beneficial does not mean that you should bend to that philosophy. If you change your picture, you alter the course of your assignment and that which could have taken you 14 months to achieve could end up taking you down a road that leads to 40 years of being"off track".

Your assignment has changed and what you use to do---where you use to go---how you use to think just won't work in this "new" space. You may find it hard at times and I know you may want to, but trust me, YOU CAN'T!!!

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