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It's Time to Move!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Do you remember? Do you remember how you laughed together until it hurt? Do you remember the time you spent working together on a project and when it was over you reminisced about the journey? Do you remember the promise they made to you? Do you remember how that situation brought you closer and shifted your whole thinking about life? Do you remember? Huh? Well, guess what—they don’t—so pack your things—your memories—and your pain—because IT’S TIME TO MOVE!!!

Many people move on from marriages because they forgot what they said at the altar. They forgot that until DEATH DO US PART—really meant –until death. When someone or (a situation, job, project, etc.) shows clear signs that they could really do without you—IT’S TIME TO MOVE!!!

Have you ever been in the cashier line and after they’ve pushed your last bag by they look beyond you and say to the person behind you—“Next”! Why? Because they’ve finished with you and are ready to move on – that’s what has happened in many of our lives—someone (something) has screamed “NEXT” and instead of you taking your bags and moving on, you’re still trying to stand there. You’re still trying to get attention that is over. (Let me help you today).


Stop trying to be apart of a phase, a person’s life that CLEARLY doesn’t want you.

When working on a puzzle, if there are pieces that are to be used to create (for example) a tree; once the tree is pieced together there is nothing left to do with that area. It’s completed. You then move onto your “next” scene (area of focus). Right? (I know your saying), when LA? How do I know when it’s time to move past something that has had such a tremendous effect on my life?

Here are 3 ways to recognize when it's time to MOVE:


Why would you take something of value and try and push it into a space that won’t or can’t hold it? Not only do you scratch the space, but you scratch that thing that is of great value. Whether it be a tangible item or your heart in a relationship—you are not built to hold everything. If I want a cup of tea—I grab my mug, but if I want a gallon of water— I grab my PURPLE plastic water jug. Why? Because the mug can’t hold the amount of water I desire. Maybe the “space” you were in a few years ago could hold that type of relationship, job, project, etc. but you’ve grown and with where you are now mentally, emotionally and spiritually those pieces that came in and connected so easy are now not a comfortable fit. And IT’S O.K. You are now equipped to hold more in your life—so stop struggling with them and allowing it to take up space. IT’S TIME TO MAKE ROOM for “the more”.


Having more than enough candy as a child – wasn’t good and many times would cause a stomach ache and some discomfort. But as an adult having too much candy can not only result in the stomach ache and discomfort but present many more problems for that moment and beyond. Ask yourself, what am I doing or connected to that is presenting me with aches and pains? What decisions have I made that are resulting in me being unhealthy physically and sometimes larger than that, also emotionally and mentally as well? IT’S TIME TO BACK AWAY from the table and make a conscious decision to only intake (food, relationships and assignments) that will bring health to your soul.


Putting check marks beside our daily task can be very rewarding. It shows us that we’ve accomplished that responsibility we laid on ourselves and are ready to move on to the next duty. But when it comes to for instance, relationships that are toxic in our life and paralyzing to our soul, we seem to shy away from putting a check mark by it and saying, this is completed, I’m done here with this. IT’S TIME TO RECOGNIZE when there are no more pieces to that ‘tree’. We can’t avoid arriving in spaces or certain seasons of our life that will eventually change. But the important thing is to understand that as we grow and mature we will not be able to always stay where we once were. That relationship is over, that job is no longer fulfilling and your assignment to that project is over. Don’t worry, don’t lay in sadness—- it’s all going to work out— IT’S JUST TIME TO MOVE!!!

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